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Judge Not!

Judge not your brother, judge not your sister too! judge not all the things they do. Judge not your brother, judge not your sister too! Would you want them judging you? Dear brother and sister, do nothing to make them stumble or fall, remember God sent Jesus, to live, to love, to die and live again for all. Judge not your brother, judge not your sister too! Just edify them with love, the same love God gives me and you. Judge not your brother, judge not your sister too! Because they believe in Christ, they will be in Heaven too!  ~ Winston Staples

Rom 14:10

But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ

Gifts [ by Winston Staples ]

Some gifts are large, some gifts are small, but it’s the thought that counts after all. Gifts like a diamond ring, or a new bow tie, may bring a joyful tear or a little sigh. Dear friend, let’s give gifts, that money can not buy, like love, joy, mercy, peace, hope, forgiveness and grace. These are given by God’s Holy Spirit; because of His grace and not our merit; so let’s pass them on,so others can share, showing others that we really care, and let each of us not forget, that greatest gift of all, Christ’s gift of salvation, when upon His name we call. ~ Winston Staples


Snow flakes, snow flakes slowly fluttering down, softly, so softly touching the ground, snow flakes, snow flakes, so beautiful and white, covering the trees and ground, what a beautiful sight. This reminds me of how God washes away our scarlet sins and makes us white as snow, so we can brighten up His world below.

~ Winston Staples


” I do not think of all the misery, but of the glory that remains. Go outside into the fields, nature, and the sun. Go out to seek happiness in yourself and God. Think of the beauty that again and again discharges itself within and without you and be happy.” Anne Frank


Roads: Some roads are long and narrow,some roads have hills dangerously steep, some roads are short and wide, some roads have valleys very deep. All roads have a beginning, all roads have an end; but all roads are not our friend. The Bible speaks of two roads, one narrow and one wide, the wide one leads to destruction, and on this road, everyone’s journey begins. The other road, the straight and narrow, this road is where God wants you to be, this road is entered by knowing Jesus, our one true guide you see. This road leads to Heaven, with Jesus on our side, when we reach Heaven, with God we will abide.

~ Winston Staples


Growing: Loving God, loving each other, producing fruit with my friends, loving God, loving each other, and the growing never ends. Praying to God, praying for each other, praying for others with my friends, Praying to God, praying for others, and the growing never ends. Serving God, serving each other, serving others with my friends, serving God, serving each other, and the growing never ends. Living for God, living for each other, living for others with my friends, living for God, living for others, and the growing never ends.

~ Winston Staples


CHRISTMAS: It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, let our hearts joyfully sing, God sent His Son to earth, His gift of salvation to bring, as a babe in a manger, not as a mighty king. Christmas is not Santa Clause, or tinsel hanging on a tree, Christmas is the gift of God’s Son, salvation for you and me. Christmas is not Frosty the snowman, or Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, It’s the celebration of Jesus birthday, the beginning of God’s salvation plan. It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, let our hearts joyfully sing, those good old Christmas carols, proclaiming the birth of Jesus, they so joyfully bring. ~Winston Staples


Setting Sail: Life is like a voyage, sailing across the sea, setting our sails, to find breezes to set us free. as we set sail, we find the sailing may be rough, the waves roaring high, visibility mighty tough. We discover it is so hard, to be captain of our ship, when we have an enemy, seeking to make us slip. When our lives, like the ships, face tempest and despair, we need to seek a harbor, and find shelter there. In this voyage, we have a choice, who will captain our ship, Jesus, who wants to save us; Satan who wants us scuttle our ship. So dear soul, who will your captain be; Satan who keeps you in bondage, or Jesus who will set you free?


Longings: Dear soul, do you long for a place of perfect rest? Do you long for a place where the sun never sets? Do you long to be free from toil and stress? Do you long for a place with cloudless skies, no sorrow and no goodbyes? Dear soul, do you long for painless days, and where the roses bloom forever? Do you long for a place with eternal gladness and to give eternal praise? Dear soul, that place is Heaven, with Christ to remain. Dear soul, you need no money or fame, come to Jesus, He will put you on the train! Winston Staples