Daily Archives: January 14, 2011

Heaven [ Author unknown ]


She always leaned to watch for us, anxious if we were late, in winter by the window sill, in summer by the gate. And though we mocked her tenderly, who had much foolish care,the long way home would seem more safe because she waited there. Her thoughts were all so full of us; she never could forget, and so I think about where she is, she must be waiting yet. Waiting till we come home to her, anxious if we are late; watching from heaven’s window sill, leaning from heaven’s gate.

Thank you Father


Thank you Father for your creation so fare, and for all these things you truly care. Thank you Father for the sun so bright, and the stars and moon that shine at night. Thank you Father for all the beauty you give us to see, may we use these to enlighten us about Thee. Thank you Father for the herbs and meat and all the good things you give us to eat. Thank you Father for the birds and bees, and all the blessings from the trees. Thank you Father for your word to me, and listening to my prayers, from where ever I might be. Thank you Father for sending Jesus your Son, that through Him salvation to mankind would come. Thank you Father for being our refuge in storms, and giving wisdom for your service to preform. Thank you Father for each morning, each a new beginning for a closer walk with you, one with less sinning.