MY OBSERVATIONS [ more about Grace ] according to God’s word

    Acts 20:24,32 —— The gospel declares God’s grace. The following verses tell us God’s grace is a source of: Romans 11:5,6———— election of grace Galatians 1:15,16——–  call of God Romans 3:24; Titus 3:7–  Justified freely by God’s grace [ no cost, no work on our part for salvation ] Acts 18:27—————-  Our believe or faithContinue reading “MY OBSERVATIONS [ more about Grace ] according to God’s word”

What is Man —– S.A. Nagel

You cannot put one little star in motion, You cannot shape one single forest leaf’ Nor fling a mountain up, nor sink an ocean. Presumptuous pigmy, large with unbelief! You cannot bring one dawn of regal splendor, Nor bid the day to shadowy twilight fall, Nor send the pale moon forth with radiance tender; AndContinue reading “What is Man —– S.A. Nagel”

My Observations [ about grace from the Bible ]

God’ grace is: Great———————— Acts 4:33 Sovereign——————– Romans 5:21 Rich————————- Ephesians 1:7; 2:7 Manifold——————— 1 Peter 4:10 All sufficient—————– 2 Cor.12:9 [ what a great verse ] All abundant—————– Romans 5:15-20 Glorious——————— Ephesians 1:6 [ by this grace we are saved ]