looking out my window,

  to much snow on the ground;

  I am looking,

  more snow coming down.

  I am looking at a photo,

  with spring flowers,

  Oh, what beauty abounds.

  I’m looking toward spring,

  only a few days away,

  when there will be bees,

  and butterflies flying their way.

  I am looking toward,

  that warm day in may,

  and go on a picnic,

  and relax that day.

  Yes, I ‘m looking and listening,

  for that first Robin to sing,

  cheer up, cheer up it’s spring!

MY OBSERVATIONS [ more about Grace ] according to God’s word

great-horned-owl    Acts 20:24,32 —— The gospel declares God’s grace.

The following verses tell us God’s grace is a source of:

Romans 11:5,6———— election of grace

Galatians 1:15,16——–  call of God

Romans 3:24; Titus 3:7–  Justified freely by God’s grace [ no cost, no work on our part for salvation ]

Acts 18:27—————-  Our believe or faith is by God’s grace

Eph. 1:7 ——————   Our forgiveness  is by the richness of His grace

Oh, what amazing grace and how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!

What is Man —– S.A. Nagel

You cannot put one little star in motion,

You cannot shape one single forest leaf’

Nor fling a mountain up, nor sink an ocean.

Presumptuous pigmy, large with unbelief!

You cannot bring one dawn of regal splendor,

Nor bid the day to shadowy twilight fall,

Nor send the pale moon forth with radiance tender;

And dare you doubt the One who has done all?

Say Thankyou


When you awake at dawn,

and are still able to yawn,

say thank you!

If you are tired and groggy,

and your mind is still foggy,

say thank you!

If you can still tie your shoes,

and smell the coffee brew,

say thank you!

If you can walk out the door,

and go to the store,

say thank you!

If you have a dear friend,

and have precious time to spend,

say thank you!

If you can begin each day,

and are able to pray,

say thank you!

If you can take time to be still,

and read God’s word,

and seek His will,

say thank you!

Even with all my sin,

by God’s grace,

into His sheltering arms,

He welcomed me in,

and I will always say thank you!

~Winston Staples



I am sitting on this old covered bridge;
I am looking down this winding stream;
Where many a fisherman,
caste his line and caught his dream.
I now see it’s crooks and bends,
quickly flowing to the sea,
where it’s freshness ends,
and at it’s beginning a new voyage begins.
Our lives are much like this stream,
with its bends and rapids,
racing to where it ends,
and that destiny depends who we follow,
and who we choose for friends.

Watch Out

Watch out for the devil,
the father of lies,
he will sneak up and kick you,
and make your soul cry.
Watch out for the devil,
he will fill you with doubt,
he will use all his power,
to keep God’s light out.
Watch out for the devil,
that deceiver, that fraud,
he will do all he can,
to keep you from God.
Watch out for the devil,
he is lurking, around the bend,
doing all his dirty work,
to his very end.
Cheer up my friends,
there is an answer,
for the devil’s snares;
His name is Jesus,
He loves you and cares.
He shed His blood on Calvary’s tree,
and arose the third day,
so we could be free.
So trust in Jesus, my Redeemer,
and my friend; He will keep you safe,
on Him you can depend.

—- Winston Staples —-

My Observations [ about grace from the Bible ]

God’ grace is: Great———————— Acts 4:33
Sovereign——————– Romans 5:21
Rich————————- Ephesians 1:7; 2:7
Manifold——————— 1 Peter 4:10
All sufficient—————– 2 Cor.12:9 [ what a great verse ]
All abundant—————– Romans 5:15-20
Glorious——————— Ephesians 1:6 [ by this grace we are saved ]

Pass It On —– Henry K. Burton

Have you had a kindness shown?
Pass it on;
” Twas not given for thee alone,
Pass it on;
Let it travel down the years,
Let it wipe another’s tears,
Till in heaven the deed appears—-
Pass it on.
Did you hear a loving word?
Pass it on;
Like the singing of a bird?
Pass it on;
Let its music live and grow,
Let it cheer another’s woe,
You have reaped what others sow—-
Pass it on.
Be not selfish in thy greed,
Pass it on;
Look upon thy brother’s need,
Pass it on;
Live for self, you live in vain,
Live for Christ, you live again,
Live for Him, with Him you reign—-
Pass it on.

Day break

What a beautiful morning,
the sun is shining bright,
it makes my heart sing,
as it removes the darkness,
and reveals it’s marvelous light.
The bright reflection on the water,
shines so brightly in my eyes,
and in the pines, a lonesome dove,
makes it’s lonely cry, but off to the right,
I hear a robin sing,
cheer up, cheer up, it is spring!