Daily Archives: March 11, 2011

                                     SPRING  TIME

  Spring time is a coming, it’s just around the bend;

  get out that old fishing rod and a fishing tale to spin.

  Spring time is a coming, heat up that barbeque,

  and I will cook a big beef steak or two.

  Spring time is a coming, it’s just around the bend,

  and soon the Canada Goose will be here again.

  Spring time is a coming and the bugs are too!

  get out a fly swatter for me and you;

  Spring time is a coming; I can’t wait,

  to have a barbecued trout lying on my plate!

My Observations according to the Bible [ God’s Love continued ]

God’s love is shown towards:

John 3:16; Titus 3:4———— Through His love, mercy and grace He sent  a Savior for a lost and dying mankind. [ Dying spiritually in their sin ]

2 Thess.2:13-16 ————— Christians   [ those following Jesus ]

God’s love is seen in believers:

Eph.2:4-6 ——————— our regeneration [ given new life in Christ ]

Romans 5:5—————— our hearts

1 John 4:7-12————— our love  [ because God loves us, we should love others ]

[ to be continued ]