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My Observations [ Joy continued ]

have a nice day  Joy according to the Scriptures:

2 Chronicles 7:10– we  experience joy from being good to others.

Joel 2:23,24—–  Be glad or joyful for earthly blessings.

Isaiah 12:2,3— We should be joyful for salvation because of God’s grace.

Psalm 28:7; 63:7— We are to be joyful for our strength and protection of the Lord.

“Remember to light the candle of joy daily and all the gloom will disappear from your life.”

Djwhal Khul


big bear

Is your attitude a thankful one?

or do you grumble and complain?

Is your attitude a serving one?

or when asked to serve,

you pass to another’s name.

Is your attitude a loving one?

or is self first in life’s game?

Is your attitude a prayerful one?

do you seldom call upon God’s name?

Is your attitude one of sharing?

or do you show very little caring?

These negative attitudes,

are not God’s plan,

they are the attitudes of selfish man

~  Winston  Staples