Daily Archives: January 17, 2012

A Writing

I was looking through a small book of poems my mother had, I think she got them from Back To The Bible Ministry many, many years ago. I came to this poem written by Wilma Pendergraft titled ” Plant the Word”. It reads like this. We are not expected to germinate the seed—- Jesus said to plant it. This world’s a field in need. God does not expect us, to cause the seed to sprout—- He just said to plant it, and plant it all about. Jesus never told us to make the seed to grow—- He just said to plant it,
to plant it where we go. God does not expect us to make the seed bear fruit— Jesus said to plant it, and pray that it will root. Jesus does expect us to plant the Gospel Seed, Plant it, plant it, plant it, the world’s in desperate need. Plant the seed, and sow it, get much seed in the soil, Jesus said the harvest will compensate the toil.