Viewing Psalms 100


Purpose of the Psalm:  To call the whole earth to worship Jehovah.

” Barnes writes,” The idea of praise does not pertain to one nation only; that it was not appropriate for one people merely; that it should not be confined to the Hebrew people; but there was proper ground of praise for all, there was that in which all nations, of all languages and conditions could unite. The ground of that was that was they had one creator”.  [ verse three ]

In the five short verses of this Psalm we are told that worship is simple. This Psalm is one of thanksgiving and praise, one with a pattern.

Call to worship.  Verses 1,2.

Why God should be worshiped.  Verse 3.

Call to worship.  Verse 4.

Why God should be worshiped.  Verse 5.

In this short psalm, we find 7 elements of worship suggested:

Verse one.   Using our voices to make a joyful noise.

Verse 2a.  Serve the Lord with gladness.

Verse 2b. Come before Him with singing.

Verse 4a.  Enter His gates with thanksgiving.

Verse 4b.  Enter His courts with praise.

Verse 4c. Have a thankful heart.

Verse 4d.  Bless His name.

This Psalm tells us why we should praise Him for who He is:

Verse 3a.  He is God.

3b.  He is creator.

3c.  He is owner.

3d. He is Shepherd.

We are to praise Him because of His attributes:

Verse 5. He is good; His mercy endures forever; His truth endures forever.

All people on earth do dwell,

Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice;

Him serve with mirth, His praise forth tell!

Come before Him and rejoice,

Know that the Lord is God indeed.

Without our aid, He us did make;

We are His flock, He doth we feed,

And for His sheep, He doth us take.

Oh, enter His gates with praise

approach with joy His courts unto;

Praise, loud, and bless His name always

for it is seemly to do so.

For why? The Lord our God is good,

His mercy is forever sure;

His truth at all times firmly stood,

and shall from age to age endure.

— Scottish Psalter —


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I am married, have four lovely children and five grandchildren. I love gospel music and to write poetry as a hobby. I love animals such as dogs, and white tailed deer. I love good clean humor.

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