Daily Archives: October 8, 2012



When you awake at dawn,

and are still able to yawn,

say thank you!

If you are tired and groggy,

and your mind is still foggy,

say thank you!

If you can still tie your shoes,

and smell the coffee brew,

say thank you!

If you can walk out the door,

and go to the store,

say thank you!

If you have a dear friend,

and have precious time to spend,

say thank you!

If you can begin each day,

and are able to pray,

say thank you!

If you can take time to be still,

and read God’s word,

and seek His will,

say thank you!

Even with all my sin,

by God’s grace,

into His sheltering arms,

He welcomed me in,

and I will always say thank you!

—— Winston Staples ——


It’s late October, the big bucks are on the run;

they have the scent of doe, the rut has begun.

It’s very early in the morn,

the frost still lies heavy on the corn.

My heart is quickly beating, the bow season has finally come;

I have packed all my gear, my planning complete,

now I carefully walk to my tree stand and take my seat.

I have did all I can to cover my scent,

now to patiently wait until my bow can be bent.

Our hunt for this worthy prize, happens once a year,

we are also a foe, who are daily stalked and hunted,

like that trophy white tailed deer.

While walking down life’s trail,

our adversary, the devil lies in wait,

he uses every deception, every lie,

to keep us from entering God’s Heavenly gate.

Dear friend, let us give God our lives,

so His armor we can safely wear;

and by His Spirit, help us detect Satan’s snare,

and when Satan shoots those fiery darts,

we will have God’s word to protect our minds, souls and hearts.

~ Winston Staples

Three Trees


One morning,

The air was crisp and still,

I saw on the horizon,

Three trees standing on a hill.

The two trees on the sides,

Shorter than the center one;

How they stood out,

In the rising sun.

A refuge for the birds,

In the time of storms,

A nesting place,

So peaceful and warm.

Seeing these trees,

So majestic standing in a row,

Took my mind back,

Two thousand years or so,

To a place called Calvary,

Where three wooden crosses,

Stood out plainly in a row.

On the outside crosses,

Hung two guilty thieves,

On the center cross,

Hung the only Son of God;

He was dying for you and me.

Jesus, was bearing our sins,

So we could be set free.

—— Winston Staples ——