Daily Archives: February 6, 2013


Hi friends! We are friends because we are bonded in friendship because we have one great friend in common, and that great friend is Jesus. I have to lie down a lot to take the pressure off my spine to ease the pain some. While lying there, these words, thoughts ran through my mind, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. Last night I was thinking about words and writing and I started going through some cassette tapes and I came across this song written by a great friend of mine Ed Sealy about writing on the wall. I thought about this happening in Daniel’s day and the great affect it had and also the writing Jesus wrote on the ground. The words of the song written by my brother go like this:

Well Belsazar decided to have himself a time, he brought out God’s vessels and filled them with wine, he mocked the God of heaven in his royal gala ball, until some fingers wrote some writing on the wall. In fear they gathered around him and they tried to understand, someone said, go call Daniel, he’s God’s chosen man. Daniel said Belsazar, your kingdom is about to fall, but you could not read the writing on the wall. God has clearly warned us, and He wrote it on a page, it was guided by His spirit and recorded by the sage. The message is quite simple, this old world is about to fall, but no one reads the writing on the wall. It is written in the heavens, you can read it in the land, we discern the skies for weather where and when the rain might fall, but no one reads the writing on the wall. The signs are there before us, Christ will soon return, but the warning goes unheeded and the mes sager is spurned. Don’t put your faith in Psychics or the devil’s crystal ball, because God wrote His message on the wall.

Thank you to my brother Ed who penned this truth in song!