A Winter Afternoon


It is early afternoon,
snow is softly,
and gently falling down,
as the birds,
flutter toward the feeders,
while others sit on the ground.
Just across the roadway,
sit two grey squirrels,
waiting to devour the seed,
from those little red squirrels.
They see the good seed,
tempting at it’s best,
soon the blue jays come,
and scare away the rest.
Our Christian walk,
is much like that,
Satan hurls his darts,
to scare us off our track.
Our track leads to Heaven,
Satan don’t want us there,
that is why we must beware,
of all those temptations,
he uses as snares.
So let’s keep our eyes on Jesus,
and He will guide,
our pathway to Heaven,
where we will forever abide.

~Winston Staples

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