Daily Archives: February 14, 2014

The Trail

wood pecker

A while ago, before the winter snow,

I walked out the old trail,

a mile or so.

I seen many little birds,

flying to and fro,

my favorite was a giant woodpecker,

he visited several trees,

tapping, tapping looking for,

a juicy worm you know.

I love God’s feathered friends,

and the many things they do,

what a wonderful blessing,

they are for me and you.

~ Winston Staples

Bird Watching

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As I sit and look out my window, snow fluttering down, many Chick a dees sit on the branches waiting their turn to grab a seed and gobble it down. Three hungry squirrels climb the pine trees and come to the feeder and scare the little birds and hog their food, no bigger glutton can be found.
I love to watch the wild birds and squirrels as they come around, God grants us so much we can enjoy if we take a moment to see the great creation all around.