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The Trail


wood pecker

A while ago, before the winter snow,

I walked out the old trail,

a mile or so.

I seen many little birds,

flying to and fro,

my favorite was a giant woodpecker,

he visited several trees,

tapping, tapping looking for,

a juicy worm you know.

I love God’s feathered friends,

and the many things they do,

what a wonderful blessing,

they are for me and you.

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While strolling through the woods today,
I was awed by the beauty of creation,
I was seeing along the way,
it encircled my being.
The baby blue sky,
the multitude of brightly colored leaves,
red, orange, yellow and gold,
their beauty, breath taking to behold.
The sparkling water of the beaver dam,
reflecting all the beauty around about,
caused my heart to want to shout.
Praise God! Praise God!
To God, our Creator there is no doubt.
Yes, all these things seen,
were created by the voice of God,
the creator of everything.
The only exception was man,
we were created by God’s mighty hand.

—- Winston Staples —-

Shepherds of The Flock



Shepherds of the flock,

great men of God,

who share the gospel message,

salvation by the way of the cross.

Shepherds of the flock,

now some two thousand years,

they have preached God’s word,

through many heart aches,and tears.

Shepherds of the flock,

servants of a mighty God,

sharing hope and comfort,

as they travel this sod.

Shepherds of the flock,

God’s great commandments keep,

loving one another,

as they faithfully,

feed the sheep.

Shepherds of the flock,

who boldly watch the fold,

one day with them,

we will walk the streets of gold.

Shepherds of the flock,

will receive their reward,

hearing well done,

spoken by their Lord.

Thank you Lord,

for these shepherds of the flock,

who by sharing of your words of love,

help keep us focused on things above.