Shepherds of The Flock



Shepherds of the flock,

great men of God,

who share the gospel message,

salvation by the way of the cross.

Shepherds of the flock,

now some two thousand years,

they have preached God’s word,

through many heart aches,and tears.

Shepherds of the flock,

servants of a mighty God,

sharing hope and comfort,

as they travel this sod.

Shepherds of the flock,

God’s great commandments keep,

loving one another,

as they faithfully,

feed the sheep.

Shepherds of the flock,

who boldly watch the fold,

one day with them,

we will walk the streets of gold.

Shepherds of the flock,

will receive their reward,

hearing well done,

spoken by their Lord.

Thank you Lord,

for these shepherds of the flock,

who by sharing of your words of love,

help keep us focused on things above.

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