Glimpsing back


looking over the hill,

where the Aspens grow,

my mind travels back,

three years or so,

to a place two miles away,

where the eagles soar,

and the beavers play.

here the red pines trees grow,

and the brook rushes bye,

as I watched the white fluffy clouds,

looking like soft marshmallows

so swiftly floated bye.

I watched and prayed and said ,

thanks to my creator for His salvation,

though His only Son,

Jesus, the sinless one,

who hung on the Cross,

until His work was done.

Yes, He took my place,

He took your place too,

and He wants to have,

to have fellowship with me,

and He wants fellowship with you.

God is good,

God is true.

Even though,

I am not able to go,

to my favorite little shore,

I can meditate on God’s word for evermore.


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