It was late,

late in the day;

I got on the wheeler,

and drove slowly on the way.

I quickly saw two doe,

not spooked,

as I drove slow.

I love this old road,

that leads me,

to my favorite spot,

the spot where the red pine,

red pine trees grow.

I, now sit,

at the old beaver pond,

where the beaver play,

and the brook trout spawn.

I sit, listening,

to the gentle breeze,

as it whispers through,

those red pine trees.

I hear the crickets,

as lazy I grow,

as I hear the cawing,

cawing of the crow.

I meditate on God’s word,

and say thank you,

for the sights I see,

and sounds I have heard.

I say thank you,

for giving me your Son,

and the victory won.

Thank you for my friends,

and family here;

now I drive slowly back,

knowing God will keep me,

keep me on the right track.



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