Special Hills

There is a hill out back,
that has felt many a track,
both from animals and me,
as I hunted out there
and cut Christmas trees.
I went out,
in sun shine or rain,
whether I felt good,
or had many a pain,
to sit in my rickety
tree stand,
and wait to see,
a white tailed buck,
as he tried to stay,
stay clear from man.
Now the deer are getting tame,
and are found in my back yard,
safe and secure,
because I don’t hunt any more.
I don’t walk now very far,
I go on wheeler or car,
to see those things precious to me,
and dream about white tailed deer,
and Christmas trees.
I think of a special hill,
Mount Calvary,
How Jesus carried a cross,
and died on it,
for you and for me,
so by putting our faith in Him,
He gives our soul and spirit liberty!


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