Thank You!

I walked out the old woods road,

saw how the red pines had grown,

I said thank you God for eyes to see,

all the blessings you give to me.

I walked a little further,

heard the wild goose call,

and said thanks for ears to hear,

these wonderful sounds of fall.

I walked and tasted my apple,

it’s juice so sweet,

and said thank you for the food we eat.

As I walked gazing up into the trees,

I thought of a special tree,

on Calvary’s hill,

where God sent His SON,

His precious blood to spill,

as a gift to purchase the souls,

souls of fallen man,

to give us liberty,

from the power of sin,

for a believing you and me.



Today in the pine trees, I watched as a pair of doves were sheltered from the cool winds blowing from the north; a bit further on the ridge was a doe and her twins lying in the shelter of a large log. Shelter is a great comfort to one caught in the storms of life caused mostly from errors of judgement on our part starting as far back as in the garden of Eden. God has had an invitation since that day for us to return unto the shelter of His loving arms. I love this song by this artist.


Painful Steps

Each painful step up Calvary’s hill,

He took His Father’s will to fulfill.

Each painful step was for and me,

Providing us the way to walk into eternity.

Each painful step, each painful blow,

He endured for you and me,

His everlasting love to show.

Each drop of blood He freely gave,

To bare our sins, our souls to save.

The painful spear that pierced His side,

He willfully endured, so with Him we could abide.

Yes, dear soul! Jesus God’s only Son,

Through these painful steps, victory was won.

Jesus endured all this agony and pain,

To defeat Satan and our salvation to gain.

All hail the power of Jesus name,

Thank Him for His victory, we can claim.

He bore the sin of the world; His salvation to bring;

Jesus, the Christ, the Lord of Lords,

And King of Kings.

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Today my wife took me for a drive,
along back winding roads,
what beauty we did behold,
Autumm leaves,
red, yellow,bronze and gold,
In the rain,
how they glowed.
What beauty,
God’s creation bestows,
He created his marvellous land,
with His voice,
and powerful hands.
He spoke,
the world came alive,
with His hands,
He molded man;
He gave us breath,
so we could survive;
physical life He gave,
spiritual life too,
by His grace,
He gave His Son,
to redeem me and you.