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Dark Days Can Be Sunny!


Today is dark,

Today is gray,

Many dark clouds

Are in the sky today.

Soon the sky will clear,

The sun will drive

Those dark clouds away.

Someone’s life,

May be stormy today,

Their soul dark,

Their spirit gray;

God wants their heart,

Their heart to be clear

And to know He is near.

He wants them to invite

His Son, Jesus to come in,

So the soul will rejoice,


Forever with Him.



God loves beauty,

To me that is clear,

He created the beautiful sunsets,

For you and me to see.

He made the beautiful starry skies,

So far away,

But sometimes, look so near,

Twinkling at you and me.

Yes, God made beautiful things,

Things beautiful for you and me.

O, He gave us the beautiful sky,

And as I look over the hills,

A beautiful eagle soars so high,

What beautiful feathered friends

He gave us to see;

God loves beauty,

That’s plain to see,

He created for you and me.

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