Act 17:28 For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.

Act 17:28
For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.

God’s word touched me,

His word spoke of His love for me,,

His word spoke of mercy, grace

And forgiveness,

To those who called upon,

His Holy Name.

Word by word,

The Holy Spirit.

Explains and teaches

Us to follow ,

The footsteps of Jesus.

Word by word,

His words are so special,

His word is the pure truth!



I am thinking about Moses

and his life;

He was born a babe,

babe to redeem his people,

from the terrible conditions.

He was raised in royalty

but his roots were slaves.

God arranged a meeting with him

at a burning bush and gave him

instructions to tell Pharaoh,

to let His people go.

After many attempts

and plagues, God’s people were dismissed.

As Moses was seen as a savior sent,

from God the Father.

Many years latter, all mankind,

were still in bondage to sin,

and GOD THE FATHER again,

sent a redeemer in the form of a babe,

this babe was HIS SON JESUS,

to live, to teach, to die on a cross,

to rise again the third day and ascend,

into Heaven,

forty days latter and because of this,

this perfect sacrifice, we are redeemed

as we accept and follow HIM.

writing [ The Giver ]

No matter how many or how expensive gifts we give, God’s gift of HIS SON is the greatest gift ever given!


The Bible says, It is more blessed to give than receive. Down through the ages, there have been many great givers; the greatest of all, is God Himself. He gave mankind all the wondrous gifts in His creation; the sun, the moon, the stars and all things great and small. In the beginning all was at peace in the garden, then came the devil, then came sin, then came death to all. But the love of God still was there! Because of sin, man was separated from perfect fellowship with God; God still loved His creation so in order to save it, God, through His wonderful grace sent His son Jesus to live on the earth, die on the earth, and to resurrect from the earth, returning to God the Father; there interceding for man at this very moment. So from the start of time to the finish of time…

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I don’t get out,

much anymore,

my legs are weak,

my hips so sore.

I stumble, I fall,

if I don’t,

use two canes,

or hold onto  the wall.

I sit and look out,

out the big window

and out the door,

and wish I could,

walk and run,

like I did before.

I still can see,

I still can hear,

and I still can taste

the things God created,

for us to enjoy;

especially His greatest gift,

the gift of eternal life,

through Jesus, His Son,

This one thing is sure,

we can enjoy His creation,

not just now,

but forevermore.


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It’s late October, the big bucks are on the run;

they have the scent of doe, the rut has begun.

It’s very early in the morn,

the frost still lies heavy on the corn.

My heart is quickly beating, the bow season has finally come;

I have packed all my gear, my planning complete,

now I carefully walk to my tree stand and take my seat.

I have did all I can to cover my scent,

now to patiently wait until my bow can be bent.

Our hunt for this worthy prize, happens once a year,

we are also a foe, who are daily stalked and hunted,

like that trophy white tailed deer.

While walking down life’s trail,

our adversary, the devil lies in wait,

he uses every deception, every lie,

to keep us from entering God’s Heavenly gate.

Dear friend, let us give God our lives,

so His armor we can safely wear;

and by His Spirit, help us detect Satan’s snare,

and when Satan shoots those fiery darts,

we will have God’s word to protect our minds, souls and hearts.

~ Winston Staples

Roads [ by Winston Staples ]

We must choose our roads carefully!


Roads: Some roads are long and narrow,some roads have hills dangerously steep, some roads are short and wide, some roads have valleys very deep. All roads have a beginning, all roads have an end; but all roads are not our friend. The Bible speaks of two roads, one narrow and one wide, the wide one leads to destruction, and on this road, everyone’s journey begins. The other road, the straight and narrow, this road is where God wants you to be, this road is entered by knowing Jesus, our one true guide you see. This road leads to Heaven, with Jesus on our side, when we reach Heaven, with God we will abide.

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wood pecker

O, what a beautiful day,

beautiful August morn,

the sun shines bright,

and the dew,

still lies heavy on the corn.

The robins peep,


taking care of their young,

another day so precious,

and still so many blessings,

blessings to come.

The crows fly high,

the eagle soars,

the neighbors,

saw up winter wood;

O, how I love the saw sound,

from next door.

The hymns I enjoy,

on the computer play,

they are soothing,

and blessing me today.

The words I hear,

refresh my thinking,

and remind me,

God is very near,

very near, He never departs,

His spirit dwells,

dwells in my heart!

written by Winston Staples