Daily Archives: August 14, 2015


wood pecker

O, what a beautiful day,

beautiful August morn,

the sun shines bright,

and the dew,

still lies heavy on the corn.

The robins peep,


taking care of their young,

another day so precious,

and still so many blessings,

blessings to come.

The crows fly high,

the eagle soars,

the neighbors,

saw up winter wood;

O, how I love the saw sound,

from next door.

The hymns I enjoy,

on the computer play,

they are soothing,

and blessing me today.

The words I hear,

refresh my thinking,

and remind me,

God is very near,

very near, He never departs,

His spirit dwells,

dwells in my heart!

written by Winston Staples