Christmas is a Coming!

I welcome the sights, smells and sounds of Christmas!

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Christmas is a coming,
coming around the bend,
Christmas is a coming,
I will be glad,
glad to see it again.
Christmas is a coming,
carols are ushering,
ushering it in,
Christmas is a coming,
Christ came to save,
save mankind,
from their sin.

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Morning Thoughts!

The clock struck nine,

I still lay,

in this bed of mine;

I cleared my eyes,

I cleared my mind,

looked out the window,

facing the woods out back.

There my eyes did behold,

Snowy beauty,

trees sparkling bright,

covering things brown,

covering things black.

Like this snow,

covering this dark ground,

many years ago,

in a little town,

Jesus was born,

Salvation to bring,

to free us from  our sin.

He  shed His crimson blood,

to cover our black sin;

Yes, His precious holy blood,

washes our black sin,

white, so much whiter than snow.

Just Thinking!

I sit here,

gazing out my window,

day dreaming,

you might say.

These thoughts,

come into mind,

about those

early school days.

On my way home,

off to my left,

in the old alter swamp,

We would see,

a rabbit or two,

and an odd pheasant;

November had came,

ice on the pond,

on a cool sunny day,

Oh, how pleasant!

Just Thinking!

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JUST THINKING! As I sit listening to the song ” i will be home for Christmas”, My mind travels back, to my younger year. I would get home and smell those special smells; the mince meat pies and home baked bread, and the smiles I would be greeted with. Mom and Dad are both passed but the memory of the special times with them shall last forever.