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We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.”
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“The dearest friend on earth is a mere shadow compared to Jesus Christ.”
Oswald Chambers quote

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Nothing but the Blood

Some folks seem to be offended by singing about the blood and

want the hymns that sing about the Blood of Christ removed.

Hymns like ” Redeemed, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb and

“There is power in the blood”; “Alas and did my Savior bleed”,

” Saved by the blood of the crucified one”, ” When I see the blood”,

” My faith has found a resting place” and many others. Dear soul

if we remove the blood, we remove the Gospel. If we remove the blood

we remove our hope; if we remove the blood we remove the Savior.

We remove His love, His grace and His salvation. Without the shedding

of the blood of Jesus, we have no hope of salvation and no hope of

Heaven. Without the blood we have no remission of sin and no good

news for mankind. Jesus…

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