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Now I lay down to sleep,

Listening to hymns,

Soothing and sweet.

Now I lay down to sleep,

Trusting God my soul to keep;

Now I lay down to sleep,

Thinking of Jesus’s love so deep.

Now I lay down to sleep

Thanking Him for today

And protection in the night,

In Him all things complete.

Now I lay down to sleep,

Meditating on His word,

A refuge from the devil,

As into my life,

he tries to creep;

Now I lay down to sleep,

Talking to Jesus,

And not counting sheep.

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The day is foggy,

the day is rainy,

the birds are nestled

in the evergreens,

waiting for the sun,

to come out,

from behind the clouds.

They will seek food,

from the bushes,

they will seek food,

from the moist ground.

The Bible tells us,

not to worry

about tomorrow,

He feeds the little birds

and big ones too!

He feeds the bees,

He gives life to the flowers;

He gives life to the trees,

He tells us to watch,

He tells us to learn

from the nature about.

He will provide our needs

if we have faith,

and do not doubt.

Y es, God is near.

Yes, God is good,

so, let us seek His truth

and live like we should.

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May is half gone,

time passes quickly bye,

the sun is warmer

and brings out,

many types of fly.

The green leaves,

appear bigger on the limbs,

and in the ponds,

fish and poly-wogs swim,

In the trees

birds sing spring songs,

as they enjoy,

a soft gentle breeze.

I see all,

wonders nature brings,

and I say thank you,

thank you to God,

the creator of all

these special,                                                                                                                                                                …

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