Eternal life the best gift ever given!

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I don’t get out,

much anymore,

my legs are weak,

my hips so sore.

I stumble, I fall,

if I don’t,

use two canes,

or hold onto  the wall.

I sit and look out,

out the big window

and out the door,

and wish I could,

walk and run,

like I did before.

I still can see,

I still can hear,

and I still can taste

the things God created,

for us to enjoy;

especially His greatest gift,

the gift of eternal life,

through Jesus, His Son,

This one thing is sure,

we can enjoy His creation,

not just now,

but forevermore!

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O, what a beautiful morning,
the sunshine,
drives the clouds away,
O, what more can I say.

O, what a beautiful afternoon,
for lunch,
we had turkey soup,
so good off the spoon.

O, what a beautiful night,
the tree silhouettes,
stand old so clear,
in the moon light.