Looking back,
reflecting on my past,
wondering how,
fifty years passed so fast.
Seems like yesterday,
when I was twenty-five,
so young,
starting a wonderful,
precious family,
so happy,
so much alive.
Then quickly,
as a wink,
an accident took place,
Pain rushed in,
like the blackness of sin.
This old body,
has pained ever since,
that frightful day,
when parts of a rim,
struck me under the eye,
I didn't laugh,
I didn't cry.
Praise the Lord,
He was with me,
saved my soul,
set me free,
I am safe forever,
in His sheltering arms,
so safe, so secure.
Fifty years gone so fast,
thanking God,
praising Him forevermore.
~ Winston Staples

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