Daily Archives: February 3, 2017



Some roads are long and narrow,

some roads have hills dangerously steep,

some roads are short and wide,

some roads have valleys very deep.

All roads have a beginning;

all roads have an end.

but all roads are not our friend.

The Bible speaks of two roads,

one narrow and one wide,

the wide road leads to destruction;

it’s on this road,

every ones journey begins.

the other road,

the straight and narrow,

is where God wants you to be.

This road is entered by knowing Jesus,

our one true guide, you see.

This road leads to Heaven,

with Jesus by our side;

when we reach Heaven,

there with God, we will abide.

Dear friend, on what road are you?

If you are on the wide road,

the road of despair,

I pray, that you will call upon Jesus

to detour you from there.

~ Winston Staples