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It is a nice sunny day,

this first day of July,

the soft gentle breeze,

blows the many flowers,

and moving to and fro,

the green branches on the trees.

High in the breezy skies,

I see two eagles soar and fly;

On this July day,

here in Canada we name,

name this special day, Canada Day;

Our Countries founding day.

As I watch and I see,

precious birds and butterflies,

fly so beautifully bye me;

I feel the sunshine,

so golden on the hills,

and I look at the lillies,

daisies,buttercups and daffodils.

July we welcome you,

your warm and sunny skies,

and enjoying the fireflies,

as they glow through the night;

I say my prayers and say good night,

and close my sleepy eyes.

~~Winston Staples

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