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Yesterday was Saturday,
O, how the wind blew,
O, how it rained;
the last end of a hurricane,
it so quickly came,
up the Atlantic coast,
a fierce wind ,
when it started,
so much damage,
and so many died.
As I think about this,
this quiet Sunday morn,
so many are heat broken,
so many are worn.
Sin is like a mighty storm,
seeking human hearts,
so weak and so worn;
Satan making wonderful promises,
of wealth and riches;
good times with drugs;
which leave so many victums
lying in deep ditches,
lost and with out hope;
But wait,what do I see?
One pure son,Jesus
free from all sin,
sent by His Father,
God the Creator of all,
to offer away to be forgiven,
and a place of eternal peace,
a place called Heaven,                                                                                                                 when you follow Him in faith.

~ Winston Staples

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