Daily Archives: March 15, 2020

Looking Over My Shoulder!

Two Roads There are two main roads, main roads in life I am told, one leading upward, to streets of gold. The other wide, and spiraling downward to eternal torment and forever bound. So choose the straight and narrow road, where Jesus leads us upward, to Heavens streets, many streets of gold.

I look back over my shoulder,

And wonder where the years quickly went;

It seems like yesterday, that I was fourteen,

slowly walking down a country road,

To visit my best friend who with him,

So much wonderful and joy filled time,

Yes, joy filled time was spent.

It seems like yesterday when I said Yes,

A very important yes to Jesus,

When the invitation was given,

I decided to follow Jesus, the only way to Heaven.

So now as the years pass quickly bye,

I rejoice with the Saints as we wait,

Patiently wait to be taken,

To our mansion in the sky.

Oh, come and sing with me,

A favorite song ” In The Sweet Bye And Bye”.

~Winston Staples