I was laying in the still of night,

watching the stars,

and enjoying the moon light,

when all of a sudden,

these words came to mind,

a song sang by,

The sons of Pioneers,

so many years gone bye.

The words that I remember,

go like this:

all day I face the barren waste,

with out the taste of water,

cool, clear water.

O, Dan can’t you see,

that big green tree,

there there is water running free,

cool, clear water.

In our land,

there are so many,

so many dry souls,

souls searching for water,

cool, clear spiritual water.

They search,

in all the wrong places,

when Jesus said,

He was the place to find,

cool, clear water;

so when you hear,

somebody like Dan,

searching for spiritual water,

send them to Jesus,

He is the tree,

where the everlasting water ,

runs free for you and me.

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Published by wint68,70pluswint

I am married, have four lovely children and five grandchildren. I love gospel music and to write poetry as a hobby. I love animals such as dogs, and white tailed deer. I love good clean humor.

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