Peacefulk clean Night

Originally posted on Wint68's Blog:
The night is cold, the night is clear; I can see so many stars, twinkling stars from here. The moon is bright, and the shadows, of the trees are everywhere, the birds are in the evergreens, finding shelter there. God’s creation is good, God’s creation is right, Thank you…


GOD’S AMAZING LOVE! Posted on December 14, 2020by wint68,70pluswint My Observations according to the BibleGod’s love is shown towards: John 3:16; Titus 3:4———— Through His love, mercy and grace He sent a Savior for a lost and dying mankind. [ Dying spiritually in their sin ] 2 Thess.2:13-16 ————— Christians [ those following Jesus ] God’s loveContinue reading “GOD’S AMAZING LOVE!”