God’s mercy: What does the Bible say about His mercy?

The Bible tells us in Exodus 34:6,7; Psalms 62:12; Jonah 4:2,10,11; 2 Cor.1:3.

Mercy is a part of God’s character.

The next few days I am going toshare what the BIble describes God’s mercy.

Numbers 14:18; Isaiah 54:7——— God’s mercy is great.

Eph.2:4 —————– He is rich in mercy. [ His mercy endures forever ]

Psalms 86:5,15; 103:8——- He is plenteous in mercy.

Psalm 119:64; 1 Peter 1:3—– His mercy fills the earth. He has abundant mercy!

Psalm 145:9 —————— His tender mercies are over all His works.

Psalm 89:28; 106:01; 136: 1-26.——— His mercy is everlasting.

Lam.3:21-23———————–His mercy is new every morning.

Psalm 25:6; 103:4; Luke 1:78———— His mercy is tender.

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