Daily Archives: January 19, 2021


I sit here and sing,
on this nice old swing,
and wonder what stories,
we could tell,
and what songs we could sing.
My dear departed wife,
Oh, how she loved,
this old swing;
I would go to the door,
and listen to her sing,
as she enjoyed the fine day,
rocking to and fro,
on this old swing.
I sit here now,
two months have passed bye,
somedays I smile and sing,
other days I cry,
as I remember those good times,
we spent and talked,
on this old swing.
On this old swing,
she would sit and sing,
“Amazing Grace”
and ” Just as I Am”;
she loved to listen,
and sing along,
with her favorite song,
“It is no secret what God can do,
what He has done for others,
He can do for you”.
Yes, I sit here,
with a sad feeling in my heart,
but 57 years together,
I thank God, she shared my heart;
this old swing is special to me,
because of the time spent,
brings precious memories to me;
and I sing to my God,
” How Great Thou Art”,
as I enjoy this old swing.
~Winston Staples