Daily Archives: September 8, 2021


Watch out for the devil,
the father of lies,
he will sneak up and kick you,
and make your soul cry.
Watch out for the devil,
he will fill you with doubt,
he will use all his power,
to keep God’s light out.
Watch out for the devil,
that deceiver, that fraud,
he will do all he can,
to keep you from God.
Watch out for the devil,
he is lurking, around the bend,
doing all his dirty work,
to his very end.
Cheer up my friends,
there is an answer,
for the devil’s snares;
His name is Jesus,
He loves you and cares.
He shed His blood on Calvary’s tree,
and arose the third day,
so we could be free.
So trust in Jesus, my Redeemer,
and my friend; He will keep you safe,
on Him you can depend.

~ Winston Staples