The time was midnight,
the seventeenth day of December,
when I was born in 1941;
Born to a Godly father and mother,
who already had one son.
My younger brother was born,
on a cold January morn 1944.
Our parents, loved their three sons,
quiet in manner all three;
We walked two miles or so,
to a little Baptist Church,
as often as We could go.
There we learned about Jesus,
God’s only begotten Son,
and about God’s Grace;
How He wants to save sinners,
those who call upon His name.
One Evening in 1958,
I heard a messagethat stirred my soul,
” If you died toninght,
where would you go?
A tormenting Hell or a perfecf Heaven!
I decided to follow Jesus,
way back then,
and I am still following HIm;
Marching with Onward Christian Soldiers,
made of young and old women and men.
I think of Him evveryday,
how He died and rose again,
and how He finished His plan,
by shedding His blood on an old Rugged Cross,
on that place called Mount Calvary!
He still sets sinners free,
when they accept HIs Salvation plan,
and call upon His Holy name.
I pray that others,
yes, others will follow Jesus,
just like me, so they can have a home,
a beautiful home in Heaven,
painless and free.
Yes, Jesus is the only way,
He is the perfect truth and Eternal Life,
and He gives this life for Eternity!
~Winston Staples