Today I decided to take a walk,

and see if a partridge,

I could spot.

I grabbed the old twenty gauge,

and a handful of bird shot.

I walked slowly,

you might say crept,

there was a crash,

there was a bounce,

I almost got run over,

run over by a female deer.

There was a snort,

and another deer ran,

I wished I had,

a camera in my hand.

I looked above,

as I heard this sound,

of the wild goose call,

O, how I love the sounds,

and sights of fall.



The Bible says, It is more blessed to give than receive. Down through the ages, there have been many great givers; the greatest of all, is God Himself. He gave mankind all the wondrous gifts in His creation; the sun, the moon, the stars and all things great and small. In the beginning all was at peace in the garden, then came the devil, then came sin, then came death to all. But the love of God still was there! Because of sin, man was separated from perfect fellowship with God; God still loved His creation so in order to save it, God, through His wonderful grace sent His son Jesus to live on the earth, die on the earth, and to resurrect from the earth, returning to God the Father; there interceding for man at this very moment. So from the start of time to the finish of time, God is and forever will be the greatest giver with the greatest gift! Dear soul, why not except His greatest gift of all? Eternal life through Jesus His Son!

~  Winston Staples

Say Thankyou!


When you awake at dawn,

and are still able to yawn,

say thank you!

If you are tired and groggy,

and your mind is still foggy,

say thank you!

If you can still tie your shoes,

and smell the coffee brew,

say thank you!

If you can walk out the door,

and go to the store,

say thank you!

If you have a dear friend,

and have precious time to spend,

say thank you!

If you can begin each day,

and are able to pray,

say thank you!

If you can take time to be still,

and read God’s word,

and seek His will,

say thank you!

Even with all my sin,

by God’s grace,

into His sheltering arms,

He welcomed me in,

and I will always say thank you!

~Winston Staples


Two Roads There are two main roads, main roads in life I am told, one leading upward, to streets of gold. The other wide, and spiraling downward to eternal torment and forever bound. So choose the straight and narrow road, where Jesus leads us upward, to Heavens streets, many streets of gold.


Our lives are like the clouds,
little vapors in the sky,
we hang around awhile,
then we say goodbye.
Our lives are like the clouds,
sometimes all fluffy and white,
some times we have our trials,
like the black clouds at night.
Our lives are like the clouds,
being driven by the wind,
sometimes we are tossed to and fro,
as we fall into sin.
Our lives are like the clouds,
that are controlled by God’s hand,
when we put our trust in Him,
He will guide us across this land.
Our lives are like the clouds,
all beautiful and bright,
floating around the sun,
as it sets at night.
Our lives are like the clouds,
little vapors in the sky,
we hang around awhile,
then we say goodbye.

~ Winston Staples


One morning,
The air was crisp and still,
I saw on the horizon,
Three trees standing on a hill.
The two trees on the sides,
Shorter than the center one;
How they stood out,
In the rising sun.
A refuge for the birds,
In the time of storms,
A nesting place,
So peaceful and warm.
Seeing these trees,
So majestic standing in a row,
Took my mind back,
Two thousand years or so,
To a place called Calvary,
Where three wooden crosses,
Stood out plainly in a row.
On the outside crosses,
Hung two guilty thieves,
On the center cross,
Hung the only Son of God;
He was dying for you and me.
Jesus, was bearing our sins,
So we could be set free.
~ Winston Staples


Life’s race is like a marathon,
Run in years,
Instead of miles,
Some days bring heartaches,
And others bring smiles.
Some days the body is spry,
While others it pains,
And one wants to cry.
Some days are filled with sunshine,
And others filled with rain.
Each day is a challenge,
And a race to be run,
From day break,
To the setting of the sun.
In our spiritual life,
Life’s race is to be run,
Either following Satan,
Or God’s only Son.
Satan races us toward destruction;
Jesus leads us to Heaven,
Eternal life for everyone.
So let us run with Jesus,
Over life’s rocky track,
Looking toward the finish line,
And never looking back.
When life’s race is over,
Heaven will be our prize,
A land without sorrow,
And cloudy skies.
— Winston Staples–


While driving in the country one night,
I saw a small lighthouse, placed on a lawn,
in it was a light, that shone from dusk to dawn.
The lighthouse was once used to warn,
the coming ships of dangers ahead,
especially in the bad storms,causing sailor’s dread.
what a comfort it must have been,
to see it’s flashing light guiding them,
around the reefs and the great rocks,
avoiding the danger, until the ship safely docks.
We believers in Christ, have a lighthouse,
as we sail this voyage on life’s sea,
it is Christ Himself, guiding you and me.
In the Bible, John tells us,
Jesus is the light of the world,
helping us see the poison darts,
Satan and all his demons hurl.
Dear friend, if you are still walking,
in the valley and darkness of sin,
why not ask Christ for forgiveness,
and let His light of guidance begin.
~ Winston Staples