Daily Archives: November 11, 2021


While driving in the country one night,
I saw a small lighthouse, placed on a lawn,
in it was a light, that shone from dusk to dawn.
The lighthouse was once used to warn,
the coming ships of dangers ahead,
especially in the bad storms, causing sailor’s dread.
what a comfort it must have been,
to see it’s flashing light guiding them,
around the reefs and the great rocks,
avoiding the danger, until the ship safely docks.
We believers in Christ, have a lighthouse,
as we sail this voyage on life’s sea,
it is Christ Himself, guiding you and me.
In the Bible, John tells us,
Jesus is the light of the world,
helping us see the poison darts,
Satan and all his demons hurl.
Dear friend, if you are still walking,
in the valley and darkness of sin,
why not ask Christ for forgiveness,
and let His light of guidance begin.
~ Winston Staples