Walk of Remembrance

The Walk of Remembrance

I walked into the woods that day, wondering what I might see, I just got over the knoll and I saw ten white tailed deer in a small cedar grove; They had their ears standing straight trying to figure out what I might be. In an old maple tree a woodpecker tapped a tune for me; There were two crows perched on a high branch keeping a watch on me. Caw, caw, caw, they proclaimed as they fly away. Off to my right a Nuthatch crept upside down, showing off for the woodpecker and chick -a- dees. Over my head a large hawk was soaring in circles, it’s keen eyes searching below to see something for lunch. As I watch nature’s beauty my mind travels back to the book of Genesis where God spoke all these things into being, except mankind, mankind was moulded by God’s hands from the dust on the ground and God breathed life into man. I stood in awe of all these beautiful things around me that God made for us to enjoy, then I bent down and gave thanks unto God the Creator. God loves us and when we fall He picks us up and dusts us off. When we fall, we must repent and ask God to forgive. About 2000 years ago God’s only begotten Son Jesus went to the hill called Mount Calvary and hung on an old wooden cross and shed His precious blood to wash our sin away giving freedom from sin when we ask Him to save our soul. Oh, what a Saviour!

~Winston Staples

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