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January burrrrrrr,

cold winds blow,

we get warm,

beneath the furrrrrrr.

January burrrrrrr,

when the days,

slip bye,

sometimes fast,

sometimes slow,

when the January days,

makes us say burrrrrrr!

Soon these January days,

cold January days,

will be past,

but now,

all I can say,

is burrrrrrr!

~ Winston Staples



My old swing,
sits beneath,
a large old pine;
a good place to sit,
swing back and forth,
my back toward the South,
my face toward the North.
My old swing is,
a great spot to think,
a great place to pray,
write things down,
sometimes in the evening,
sometimes at mid-day.
My old swing is,
a great place to thank God,
as I count the blessings,
He  sends my way.
I thank You,
for my old swing,
where I can meditate,
on Your words night and day.
~ Winston Staples


Some minds are stuck in neutral,
some minds are stuck in reverse,
some minds full speed ahead,
some minds on good things,
some minds need to be fed.
Some minds think positive,
while others seem to dread;
My mind is focused on Jesus,
the Good Shepherd,
who guards His sheep,
and keeps them spiritually fed.
So keep your mind in forward,
looking straight ahead,
and He will guide you,
onward toward Heaven,
there forever to live,
never more to dread.

~ Winston Staples


A early day,
cool and grey,
as we say good bye,
to Snoopy,
this ninth day of May.
We enjoyed,
his playful spirit,
his big brown eyes,
and wagging tail,
as he sniffed,
along the trail.
He got old,
he got sick;
We had him,
ten great years,
they passed so quick.
Good bye old friend,
good bye old pal,
you made us happy,
to the very end!


I remember back,
when a lad,
I would go,
picking fiddle heads,
with my mom and dad.
My brothers and I,
would jump and play,
pick a few wild flowers,
along our way.
We would walk,
along the stream,
to our quiet place,
below the large hill,
pick those greens,
until our pails were filled.
God leads us,
beside His still waters,
through His green pastures,
under His hills,
teaching us things,
so our spiritual cups,
can completely be filled.

~ Winston Staples


In a place ,

called years ago,

about sixty or so,

I was fifteen.

I would run home,

late at night,

from my friends home.

I would sing,

sing along my way,

my favorite,

” How Great Thou Art.”

This old hymn,

sang so well,

by George Bev. Shea.

When seventeen,

I said yes,

when Jesus invited,

me in to His family.

Each day, I now sing,

“Just a Closer Walk with Thee.”

There is no better,

no better place to be.

~ Winston Staples


th (9)

Easter is not about,

Easter bunnies,

or about Easter eggs,

but instead it is about,

God’s love,

God’s grace,

sending His SON,

giving His blood,

suffering thorns,

on His head,

dying on the CROSS.

H e gave His LIFE,

for you and me.

What amazing love,

What amazing grace,

taking our sins,

giving us SALVATION,

peace in our hearts,

and JOY on our face.