I look about,

in fields so green,

to see what can be seen;

I saw Whitetails everywhere.

Driving out,

an old woods road,

the time was dusk,

to see what might be there,

with a crash and abound,

Whitetails were every where.

Like me,

their lively hood,

those Whitetails,

in God they trust.

O, what a place,

place to meditate,

and say a prayer,

in this place,

where Whitetails,

are everywhere.



I went for a walk today,

while sitting in my chair,

the wheels in my mind,

they were taking me there.

I walked slowly,

slowly over the hill,

enjoying each sound,

and each beautiful sight,

as I walked along the way.

Even though,

I can’t walk phyically,

over that hill,

in my mind,

I am able still.

~ Winston Staples


O, path,
so narrow,
and so steep,
many times up you,
I would creep,
carrying a pail,
large pail of water,
on you trail,
trail of ice,
to slip and fall,
would not be nice.
In life,
there are many,
paths one can take,
but two main,
paths we face.
One wide,
travelled by sinful man,
whose number is,
six, six, six;
One narrow,
travelled by Saints,
onward and upward,
to Heaven,
to be present,
with God,
whose number is,
seven, seven, seven.


A early day,
cool and grey,
as we say good bye,
to Snoopy,
this ninth day of May.
We enjoyed,
his playful spirit,
his big brown eyes,
and wagging tail,
as he sniffed,
along the trail.
He got old,
he got sick;
We had him,
ten great years,
they passed so quick.
Good bye old friend,
good bye old pal,
you made us happy,
to the very end!


I remember back,
when a lad,
I would go,
picking fiddle heads,
with my mom and dad.
My brothers and I,
would jump and play,
pick a few wild flowers,
along our way.
We would walk,
along the stream,
to our quiet place,
below the large hill,
pick those greens,
until our pails were filled.
God leads us,
beside His still waters,
through His green pastures,
under His hills,
teaching us things,
so our spiritual cups,
can completely be filled.

~ Winston Staples