Just Looking!

Just looking, my eyes focused, on the trees, colored trees, blowing and swaying, back and forth, in the North wind, telling me; it will soon, soon snow again. Just looking, looking over the hill, at evergreens and hardwoods, stately on both it’s sides; telling me, I am growing older, with each tick, and each tock,Continue reading “Just Looking!”


This morning, I opened the front door, I heard something, I looked into the sky, a gaggle of Canada geese, were landing, in their v formation, into a large corn field, whose golden ears, they will fleece. The sight and sounds, are a sure sign, that Autumn is here; Such a pretty time, to seeContinue reading “THIS MORNING!”


Come hither, come hither, young person, to where, the pine trees grow. Come hither, come hither, young person, where the babbling brook, so gently flows. Come hither, come hither, young person, come and see, the wildflowers, in the lane, where they  beautifully, beautifully grow. Come hither, come hither, young person, open the word, the wonderfulContinue reading “A BECKONING!”


Drip,drip, goes the rain drops, as they fall, from the limbs, soon in their puddles, tadpoles will, swim, swim, swim. Chirp, chirp, the little birdies sing, chirp, chirp, it’s Spring, it’s Spring. Croak, croak, the old frog said, who, who said the owl, as he scratches, scratches his head. Yes, all these noises, noises ofContinue reading “Noises!”


January burrrrrrr, cold winds blow, we get warm, beneath the furrrrrrr. January burrrrrrr, when the days, slip bye, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, when the January days, makes us say burrrrrrr! Soon these January days, cold January days, will be past, but now, all I can say, is burrrrrrr! ~ Winston Staples


CREATED While strolling through the woods today, I was awed by the beauty of creation, I was seeing along the way, it encircled my being. The baby blue sky, the multitude of brightly colored leaves, red, orange, yellow and gold, their beauty, breath taking to behold. The sparkling water of the beaver dam, reflecting allContinue reading “JUST THINKING!”