Life’s Roads

Roads: Some roads are long and narrow,some roads have hills dangerously steep, some roads are short and wide, some roads have valleys very deep. All roads have a beginning, all roads have an end; but all roads are not our friend. The Bible speaks of two roads, one narrow and one wide, the wide oneContinue reading “Life’s Roads”

Just Looking!

Just looking, my eyes focused, on the trees, colored trees, blowing and swaying, back and forth, in the North wind, telling me; it will soon, soon snow again. Just looking, looking over the hill, at evergreens and hardwoods, stately on both it’s sides; telling me, I am growing older, with each tick, and each tock,Continue reading “Just Looking!”


Just thinking, about childhood days, as I listen, listen to the falling rain, how we would climb, into our tree house, and play monopoly, all day long. I knew some, were less than honest, as they moved around, quickly around the board. Sometimes I long to, long to have those, happy moments back; I realizeContinue reading “JUST THINKING!”


This morning, I opened the front door, I heard something, I looked into the sky, a gaggle of Canada geese, were landing, in their v formation, into a large corn field, whose golden ears, they will fleece. The sight and sounds, are a sure sign, that Autumn is here; Such a pretty time, to seeContinue reading “THIS MORNING!”