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Thanks Father,

for my eyes that see,

all the precious sights,

You created them to see.

I see the hills,

rolling over there,

the baby blue sky,

and the babbling  brook,

flowing gently by.

I see the clouds,

fluffy and grey,

as they float,

lazily on their way.

I see the birds,

flying to and fro,

into the branches,

all nice and warm,

a shelter,

from the coming storm.

We see Your creation,

it is everywhere,

so let’s bow,

our hearts in prayer,

and say thank you,

for all  you share!

~ Winston Staples



Come hither, come hither,

young person,

to where,

the pine trees grow.

Come hither, come hither,

young person,

where the babbling brook,

so gently flows.

Come hither, come hither,

young person,

come and see,

the wildflowers,

in the lane,

where they  beautifully,

beautifully grow.

Come hither, come hither,

young person,

open the word,

the wonderful word of God,

it will guide you,

as you travel this sod.

~ Winston Staples


O Lord,

I sing my song,

to thank you;

I sing my song,

to praise you,

for Your salvation plan,

giving hope to sinful man.

I sing my song to You,

for giving me joy;

I sing  my song to You,

for giving rest;

I sing my song,

when I am happy;

I sing my song,

when I am stressed;

I sing,

” O God, How Great Thou Art “.

I sing to praise You,

and to thank You;

I sing my song,

to say I love You,

because You so much love me!

~ Winston Staples


This day is cloudy,

this day is drear,

this day God made,

this day is dear!

This day,

my dear wife,

got me outside,

to see the high water,

as we took a drive.

This I smile,

this day I am glad,

God gave us His SON,

no better gift to receive,

from our Potters hands;

This day let’s rejoice,

across our God given land!



goes the rain drops,

as they fall,

from the limbs,

soon in their puddles,

tadpoles will,

swim, swim, swim.

Chirp, chirp,

the little birdies sing,

chirp, chirp,

it’s Spring, it’s Spring.

Croak, croak,

the old frog said,

who, who said the owl,

as he scratches,

scratches his head.

Yes, all these noises,

noises of Spring,

God gives us,

ears to hear,

makes my heart sing!

~ Winston Staples


March is half way through,

Spring is getting near,

near for me,

and near for you.

A Winter storm,

begins to blow,

with a lot of wind,

and a lot of snow.

We want Spring,

green grass to grow,

birdies to sing,

not a foot of snow.

To be patient,

is a must,

wait upon God,

and in Him trust.

~ Winston Staples


I sit,

leaning back,

in my rocking chair,

looking out the window,

to watch the birds there.

The day is sunny,

the day is long,

my heart is homesick,

for Spring flowers,

and the robin’s song.

I thank God,

for the seasons I see,

each so different,

each wit it’s own,

own special memories.

Fall is my favorite,

then comes Spring,

Summer and Winter,

are nice too!

For all the changes,

special changes they bring,

I bow my head,

and I say,

T hank you Father,

for every precious day!

~ Winston Staples



Some roads are long and narrow,

some roads have hills dangerously steep,

some roads are short and wide,

some roads have valleys very deep.

All roads have a beginning;

all roads have an end.

but all roads are not our friend.

The Bible speaks of two roads,

one narrow and one wide,

the wide road leads to destruction;

it’s on this road,

every ones journey begins.

the other road,

the straight and narrow,

is where God wants you to be.

This road is entered by knowing Jesus,

our one true guide, you see.

This road leads to Heaven,

with Jesus by our side;

when we reach Heaven,

there with God, we will abide.

Dear friend, on what road are you?

If you are on the wide road,

the road of despair,

I pray, that you will call upon Jesus

to detour you from there.

~ Winston Staples


January burrrrrrr,

cold winds blow,

we get warm,

beneath the furrrrrrr.

January burrrrrrr,

when the days,

slip bye,

sometimes fast,

sometimes slow,

when the January days,

makes us say burrrrrrr!

Soon these January days,

cold January days,

will be past,

but now,

all I can say,

is burrrrrrr!

~ Winston Staples