53 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. poem. DAY BREAK
    What a beautiful morning,
    the sun is shining bright,
    it makes my heart sing,
    as it removes the darkness,
    and reveals it’s marvelous light.
    The bright reflection on the water,
    shines so brightly in my eyes,
    and in the pines, a lonesome dove,
    makes it’s lonely cry, but off to the right,
    I hear a robin sing,
    cheer up, cheer up, it is spring!

    ~ Winston Staples

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  2. poem: CREATED
    While strolling through the woods today,
    I was awed by the beauty of creation,
    I was seeing along the way,
    it encircled my being.
    The baby blue sky,
    the multitude of brightly colored leaves,
    red, orange, yellow and gold,
    their beauty, breath taking to behold.
    The sparkling water of the beaver dam,
    reflecting all the beauty around about,
    caused my heart to want to shout.
    Praise God! Praise God!
    To God, our Creator there is no doubt.
    Yes, all these things seen,
    were created by the voice of God,
    the creator of everything.
    The only exception was man,
    we were created by God’s mighty
    hand. Yes You are the great I AM!

    ~ Winston Staples

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  3. poem: WORDS
    words are special,
    powerful indeed,
    they can sooth a broken heart,
    when positive words we feed.
    Words spoken wisely,
    help heal broken souls;
    words guide our foot steps,
    as we walk toward our goals.
    Words spoken carelessly.
    wound innocent hearts;
    once spoken,
    cannot be retrieved;
    We may say we are sorry,
    but forgiveness is hard to receive.
    Think before we speak,
    this our motto be,
    use words to lift others up,
    giving them dignity.

    ~ Winston Staples

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  4. poem: WATCH OUT
    Watch out for the devil,
    the father of lies,
    he will sneak up and kick you,
    and make your soul cry.
    Watch out for the devil,
    he will fill you with doubt,
    he will use all his power,
    to keep God’s light out.
    Watch out for the devil,
    that deceiver, that fraud,
    he will do all he can,
    to keep you from God.
    Watch out for the devil,
    he is lurking, around the bend,
    doing all his dirty work,
    to his very end.
    Cheer up my friends,
    there is an answer,
    for the devil’s snares;
    His name is Jesus,
    He loves you and cares.
    He shed His blood on Calvary’s tree,
    and arose the third day,
    so we could be free.
    So trust in Jesus, my Redeemer,
    and my friend; He will keep you safe,
    on Him you can depend.

    ~ Winston Staples


  5. Poem: HAND IN HAND
    Hand in hand with Jesus,
    walking down life’s road,
    sharing every burden,
    sharing every load.
    Hand in hand with Jesus,
    passing life’s test,
    enjoying His fellowship,
    being richly blessed.
    Hand in hand with Jesus,
    He will safely lead,
    soothing every heartache,
    meeting every need.
    Hand in hand with Jesus,
    through death’s door we will safely go,
    to stand around God’s throne,
    no greater happiness will ever be known.

    ~ Winston Staples

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  6. poem: SOUNDS
    I love the sound, of the morning dove,
    when he calls his mate in love;
    I love the sound, of the distant loon,
    as he sings his mournful tune;
    I love the sound, of the gentle breeze,
    as it moves and rustles the leaves;
    I love the sound, of the falling rain,
    as it strikes against the window pane;
    I love the sound, of the babbling brook’
    as I sit and dangle my hook;
    I love the sound, of the lullaby,
    as the mother soothes her child’s cry.
    I love the sound, all creation gives,
    and shouts the news, our creator lives;
    I love the sound, of God’s Holy word,
    and the great message it gives to be heard,
    salvation and great hope for the lost,
    comes from God at great cost.
    If this great truth they believe,
    eternal life they shall receive.
    There is a sound, I am waiting for,
    the sound of a great shout,
    and a trumpets blare,
    when the Saints will meet,
    Christ in the air;
    We will be ushered to Heaven above,
    because of His amazing grace and eternal love.

    ~ Winston Staples

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  7. Poem: THE CLOUDS
    Our lives are like the clouds,
    little vapors in the sky,
    we hang around awhile,
    then we say goodbye.
    Our lives are like the clouds,
    sometimes all fluffy and white,
    some times we have our trials,
    like the black clouds at night.
    Our lives are like the clouds,
    being driven by the wind,
    sometimes we are tossed to and fro,
    as we fall into sin.
    Our lives are like the clouds,
    that are controlled by God’s hand,
    when we put our trust in Him,
    He will guide us across this land.
    Our lives are like the clouds,
    all beautiful and bright,
    floating around the sun,
    as it sets at night.
    Our lives are like the clouds,
    little vapors in the sky,
    we hang around awhile,
    then we say goodbye.

    ~ Winston Staples

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    While driving in the country one night,
    I saw a small lighthouse, placed on a lawn,
    in it was a light, that shone from dusk to dawn.
    The lighthouse was once used to warn,
    the coming ships of dangers ahead,
    especially in the bad storms,causing sailor’s dread.
    what a comfort it must have been,
    to see it’s flashing light guiding them,
    around the reefs and the great rocks,
    avoiding the danger, until the ship safely docks.
    We believers in Christ, have a lighthouse,
    as we sail this voyage on life’s sea,
    it is Christ Himself, guiding you and me.
    In the Bible, John tells us,
    Jesus is the light of the world,
    helping us see the poison darts,
    Satan and all his demons hurl.
    Dear friend, if you are still walking,
    in the valley and darkness of sin,
    why not ask Christ for forgiveness,
    and let His light of guidance begin.
    ~ Winston Staples

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  9. The Giver: The Bible says, it is more blessed to give than receive! Down through the ages, there have been many great givers, the greatest of them is God Himself. He gave mankind all the wondrous gifts found in creation: the sun, the moon, the stars, the seas and all creatures great and small. In the beginning all was at peace in the garden; then came the devil, then came sin; then came death to all,But the love of God still was there! Because of sin, man was separated from his perfect fellowship with God. God still loved His creation so in order to save it, God, through His wonderful grace sent His Son Jesus, to live on earth, to die on earth and to resurrect from earth returning to God the Father, there interceding for man at this very moment. So from the start of time to the finish of time, God is and forever will be the greatest giver with the greatest gift! Dear soul why not except His greatest Gift of all? Eternal life through Jesus, His Son.~ Winston Staples

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  10. Poem: Majesty
    Snow flakes, snow flakes softly fluttering down,
    landing so softly, not making a sound.
    Lightning, lightning brightly coming down,
    with a crashing noise as it strikes the ground.
    Tornadoes, tornadoes whirling and twisting,
    picking up everything with their rushing sound.
    Rain drops, rain drops bringing moisture to the ground,
    springing the plants their beauty to abound.
    Sunshine, sunshine beaming down every hour,
    shows God’s majesty over nature,
    created by His awesome power.
    Salvation, salvation sent down to sinful man,
    Hope for eternity,
    because of God’s grace through Jesus,
    revealing His salvation plan.
    Praise God, praise God for all things from above,
    showing His mighty hand, His mercy and everlasting love.

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  11. Favorite quotes

    ” Prayer is of transcendant importance. Prayer is the mightiest agent to advance God’s work. Praying hearts and hands only can do God’s work. Prayer succeeds when all else fails.” E.M. Bounds

    ” Prayer is the great engine to over throw and route my spiritual enemies, the great means to procure the graces of which I stand in hourly need.” John Newton

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  12. AWAKE!

    Awake, my mind awake! Meditate on God;

    His words and grace so freely given.

    Awake, my eyes awake! See God’s gift of salvation.

    Awake, my ears awake! Hear His words of comfort given.

    Awake, my tongue awake! Proclaim His truth of redemption.

    Awake, my mouth awake! Sing His praise and glory forever.

    Awake, my heart awake! Be filled with God’s spirit.

    Awake, my arms awake! Embrace His mercy forever.

    Awake, my hands awake! Serve Him in His awesome creation.

    Awake, my knees awake! Bow in prayer with humble adoration.

    Awake, my legs awake! Stand firm with great devotion.

    Awake, my feet awake! Follow the steps Jesus trod before us.

    Awake, my soul awake! Praise God for His love and favor.

    Rejoice, my being rejoice! Dwell with Christ forever.

    ~ Winston Staples


  13. Creations Beauty

    Sitting looking out my window pane, everything’s so beautiful and green, being washed and refreshed by the falling rain. A woodpecker is tapping on a dead pine, tap, tap, tap, what a hammering sound; a chipmunk, carrying a piece of bread, scurries across the ground. Yes, as I look out, all nature is alive! Leaves so green, flowers so pretty in blossom everywhere; tells me we have a creator, who really cares. He not only cares for our physical being, and because of His love, He wants our soul to be free, and all His spiritual blessings seeing. Yes, He wants to set us free, from our bondage of sin; He sent Jesus, His only Son, and by His sacrifice, complete victory could be won.

    ~ Winston Staples



    One morning,

    The air was crisp and still,

    I saw on the horizon,

    Three trees standing on a hill.

    The two trees on the sides,

    Shorter than the center one;

    How they stood out,

    In the rising sun.

    A refuge for the birds,

    In the time of storms,

    A nesting place,

    So peaceful and warm.

    Seeing these trees,

    So majestic standing in a row,

    Took my mind back,

    Two thousand years or so,

    To a place called Calvary,

    Where three wooden crosses,

    Stood out plainly in a row.

    On the outside crosses,

    Hung two guilty thieves,

    On the center cross,

    Hung the only Son of God;

    He was dying for you and me.

    Jesus, was bearing our sins,

    So we could be set free.

    ~ Winston Staples


  15. Little Vessels

    We are little vessels,

    Created by God’s hand,

    Put here a little while,

    To walk in this land.

    We are little vessels,

    Broken and marred by sin,

    God knows our every weakness,

    He wants to mold us from within.

    We are little vessels,

    Who need saved from sin,

    And by submitting to God our potter,

    Salvation will begin.

    We are little vessels,

    Saved from sin and shame,

    Jesus gives us victory,

    Because He lives again.

    We are little vessels,

    Being molded by His spirit,

    Because of His love and grace,

    And not by our merit.

    We are little vessels,

    Being shaped, As He would have us be,

    Perfect in His sight,

    When the face of Jesus we see.

    ~ Winston Staples



    On our calendar, Thanksgiving comes once a year,

    but in my heart, it is always here.

    In the morning, I thank God for the things I see;

    all the beauty He gives to me.

    I thank Him for each sound I hear,

    the rustling leaves, the bleating deer.

    I thank Him for the roof over my head,

    and my warm cozy bed;

    I thank Him for each scent I smell,

    some beckoning my stomach to fill.

    I thank God for the things I touch,

    being able to feel means so much;

    I thank Him for my family,

    each one, so special to me.

    I know now what I am trying to say,

    thank God for everything, every day.

    On our calendar, Thanksgiving comes once a year,

    but in my heart, it is always here.

    ~ Winston Staples

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  17. Our Cabins

    When my wife and I go for drives in the country, we are delighted

    when we see a lovely log cabin. The view of these lovely cabins

    takes me back in my thoughts to the pioneer days. The pioneers

    traveled far, traveled slow and worked hard. Their cabins were not

    fancy or brightly painted, there was no landscaping done, no lawns

    to mow; that might have been a good thing. They built their cabins

    by the sweat of their brow. These cabins were not much by our

    standards today but to them it was their castle; it was their life

    or death in the harsh winter. Yes, they were hard working people,

    people with high moral standards, standards which this country

    was built on. We, as a nation need to return to and use these

    moral standards today; let God fill our cabins with His love and

    build our country on that. Let us put our faith in Jesus and He will

    build us a home in Heaven, not a simple cabin but a mansion.

    We read in 2 Cor.5:1 ” For we know that if our earthly house of

    this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, a house

    not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.”

    ~ Winston Staples

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  18. THE HUNT

    It’s late October, the big bucks are on the run;

    they have the scent of doe, the rut has begun.

    It’s very early in the morn,

    the frost still lies heavy on the corn.

    My heart is quickly beating, the bow season has finally come;

    I have packed all my gear, my planning complete,

    now I carefully walk to my tree stand and take my seat.

    I have did all I can to cover my scent,

    now to patiently wait until my bow can be bent.

    Our hunt for this worthy prize, happens once a year,

    we are also a foe, who are daily stalked and hunted,

    like that trophy white tailed deer.

    While walking down life’s trail,

    our adversary, the devil lies in wait,

    he uses every deception, every lie,

    to keep us from entering God’s Heavenly gate.

    Dear friend, let us give God our lives,

    so His armor we can safely wear;

    and by His Spirit, help us detect Satan’s snare,

    and when Satan shoots those fiery darts,

    we will have God’s word to protect our minds, souls and hearts.

    ~ Winston Staples


  19. Roads

    Some roads are long and narrow,

    some roads have hills dangerously steep,

    some roads are short and wide,

    some roads have valleys very deep.

    All roads have a beginning;

    all roads have an end.

    but all roads are not our friend.

    The Bible speaks of two roads,

    one narrow and one wide,

    the wide road leads to destruction;

    it’s on this road,

    every ones journey begins.

    the other road,

    the straight and narrow,

    is where God wants you to be.

    This road is entered by knowing Jesus,

    our one true guide, you see.

    This road leads to Heaven,

    with Jesus by our side;

    when we reach Heaven,

    there with God, we will abide.

    Dear friend, on what road are you?

    If you are on the wide road,

    the road of despair,

    I pray, that you will call upon Jesus

    to detour you from there.

    ~ Winston Staples


  20. Favorite quotes
    “Prayer is an end to isolation. It is living our daily life with someone; with Him who alone can deliver us from solitude.” Georges Lefevre

    “By prayer we couple the powers of heaven to our helplessness, the powers which can capture strong holds and make the impossibile possibile.” O. Hallesby

    ” The right way to pray, then, is any way that allows us to communicate with God.” Colleen Townsend Evans

    ” The less I pray, the harder it gets; the more I pray, the better it gets.” Martin Luther

    ” The great thing in prayer is to feel that we are putting our supplications into the bosom of omnipotent love.” Andrew Murray

    I trust you will enjoy these favorite quotes. Winston staples


  21. Quote of the week

    “Faith, and hope, and patience and all the strong, beautiful, vital forces of piety are withered and dead in a prayerless life. The life of the individual believer, his personal salvation, and his personal Christian graces have their being, bloom, and fruitage in prayer.” E.M. Bounds

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  22. When I was a child my mother instructed me to stop, look and listen before I crossed a road. This is still good advise for us today, before we cross the many roads we face in life. Let us stop and seek our direction from God’s road map, look at it carefully and listen to it’s wisdom. ~ Winston Staples

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    There are two spiritual powers,

    one evil and one good.

    Satan, the deceiver is evil,

    God, the creator is good,

    Satan, the accuser of all men,

    God, the source of wisdom,

    for men to live as they should.

    Satan, the father of lies,

    causing great sorrow and cries;

    God, the father of truth,

    gives love, grace and words,

    on which you can rely.

    Satan, the destroyer,

    desires to destroy your soul,

    God, our redeemer,

    desires to make us whole.

    Dear soul, which power,

    controls your life?

    Satan, who by sin,

    causes you strife?

    Or God, through the blood,

    of Jesus, His only son,

    gives you eternal life,

    a victory already won.

    ~ Winston Staples


  24. writting: The other day while driving alone the river, enjoying the beauty of the day,I noticed high off to my right, a huge bald eagle, what a wonderful sight. He was soaring so gracefully along as he searched for food to take to his nest, to feed the hungry and then to rest. Viewing this, my mind was drawn to a verse in the book of Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not, be weary; and they shall walk, and not be weary.”


  25. Writing: Endurance…… What is endurance you might ask; It is grasping for the future and letting go of the past. Endurance is looking for the sunshine, when there is falling rain; and running to win life’s race, while enduring great pain. Endurance is facing all the heartaches, and fighting each battle along life’s way and knowing one has fought a good fight at the end of each day.

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    When you awake at dawn,

    and are still able to yawn,

    say thank you!

    If you are tired and groggy,

    and your mind is still foggy,

    say thank you!

    If you can still tie your shoes,

    and smell the coffee brew,

    say thank you!

    If you can walk out the door,

    and go to the store,

    say thank you!

    If you have a dear friend,

    and have precious time to spend,

    say thank you!

    If you can begin each day,

    and are able to pray,

    say thank you!

    If you can take time to be still,

    and read God’s word,

    and seek His will,

    say thank you!

    Even with all my sin,

    by God’s grace,

    into His sheltering arms,

    He welcomed me in,

    and I will always say thank you!

    ~ Winston Staples


  27. Poem: Where The Red Pine Grow
    It is late September,
    the sky is cloudy and gray,
    and the wind feels like snow today;
    I jump on my old ATV,
    and drive very slow,
    to my favorite place to go,
    to that old beaver pond,
    where the red pine grow.
    I love to take a strole,
    and enjoy the solitude there,
    and breathe in the freshness,
    of the crisp fall air,
    and listen to the blue jays,
    and the cawing of the crows,
    and relax, where the red pine grows.
    In our spiritual life,
    we need a quiet place to go,
    to a solitude place with God,
    For prayer, and His will to know,
    to spend special time with Him,
    where the red pines grow.
    ~ Winston Staples


  28. Without Words
    I lay here thinking,
    words running through my mind,
    without words, how silent,
    it would be in my mind.
    Without words, no knowledge,
    would be found,
    because wise words, would not be shared,
    there would be no books around.
    God’s word, found in the Bible,
    giving wisdom to meet our need,
    and our hope of salvation,
    we could not read.
    The Bible states creation,
    was by God’s word;
    I know now what I am trying to say,
    without words, what we see around,
    would not be here today.
    ~ Winston Staples


  29. Bible verse of the week: Psalm 139: 1,2—— O Lord thou searched me and known me. Thou knoweth my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandeth my thought afar off.


  30. Quote for the week: ” Prayer is an end to isolation, it is living our daily life with someone; with him who alone can deliver us from solitude. George LeFevre


  31. Fall is Here
    Fall is here, when the frost covers the ground,
    and great orange piles of pumpkin,
    are lying all around.
    Fall is here, when the colors of Autum,
    red, orange, yellow and gold,
    come fluttering softly down,
    and in the distance, the honk of a wild goose,
    what a wonderful, wonderful sound.
    Fall is here, when harvest is complete,
    and thanks is given for the turkey,
    and all the good things we are about to eat.

    ~ Winston Staples


  32. Dear readers, I would like to hear your comments and get to know if you like or dislike these writtings and maybe you could share some of your favorite quotes or Bible verses with me. Have an awesome day!


  33. Fall is my favorite time of the year, to get out my gun, and hunt the ruffed grouse and the white tailed deer; to rest on the hard wood ridge and sit by the rushing brook and watch the squirrels hide food in thier little nooks. Fall is my favorite time of the year, to meditate in the cool crisp air and thank God for the beauty everywhere and how we don’t say thank you enough for His amazing love and tender care. ~ Winston Staples


  34. Tic,toc,tic,toc go the hands on the old clock, with each tic a second goes bye; the next tic the future; the last toc the past. As the tics and tocs go so fast let’s think more on spiritual things, the only things that last. ~ Winston Staples


  35. To greatly live, we must greatly forgive, and to greatly forgive we must greatly love and to greatly love we must understand, the great love God has for the souls of man.


  36. A couple of months ago, I went to see the eye doctor, because my vision to the things around me was blurred, I was only seeing 10% of what was there. What a difference those new bi- focals made. I was spiritually blind until 52 years ago, I went to the spiritual eye doctor, God, and now through His Son and His Holy Spirit, I can see His spiritual things around me.


  37. Quote of the week: ” One thing I know: the only ones among you who are really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer


  38. Bible verse for this week: Psalm 111: 1—— Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation.


  39. When I am blue, and feeling down; I look out my window, to see what is around. At the bird feeders, Blue Jays, Chickadees, Nuthatches and Squirrels abound. In the old Maple tree, two red squirrels chase each other around; watching these things, reminds me, that God has given these pleasures to me, and now that blues caused frown turns to a smile as I see God’s wonderful creation all around. ~ Winston staples

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  40. Bible verses for this week: Psalm9:1,2—– I will praise thee, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will show forth all thy marvelous works. 2/ I will be glad and rejoice in thee; I will sing praise to thy name, O thou Most High.


  41. November 11 is the day set aside to remember the brave soldiers that fought for our freedom. So many galliant men and women gave their lives so we could have the freedom we enjoy today. Their sacrifice should ever be present on our mind as we enjoy each day of freedom. So let’s thank them for their sacrifice and Thank God for such brave soldiers in the past and those fighting to provide our freedom now and in the future. ~ Winston Staples


  42. scripture verses of the week: Psalm 34:1-3 I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall be continually in my mouth. My soul shall make her boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.


  43. Hi folks, here are a couple of my favorite quotes:
    My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions, but in the fewness of my wants. J. Brotherton
    All it takes is one bloom of hope to make a spiritual garden. Terri Guillemets


  44. Quote of the week: ” Never be in a hurry do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.” St. Francis de Sales



    As I sit here behind my desk,
    looking out my window,
    I see I have been richly blessed.
    I have a dear wife, four lovely children,
    three daughters and a son,
    five grand children, a blessing each one.
    I have a home, with a warm cozy bed,
    food in my cupboard,
    so we can be fed.
    I have a Bible,
    and able to read,
    pray every day, my soul to feed.
    So physically and spiritually,
    I have what I need,
    and I can say,
    I am richly blessed,
    richly blessed indeed.

    Written by Winston Staples


  46. “Certain things can only be dealt with
    by ignoring them; if you face them you increase
    their power. It is absurd to say, Pray about them;
    when once a thing is seen to be wrong,
    don’t pray about it, it fixes the mind on it;
    never for a second brood on it,
    destroy it by neglect.

    CLB222 Oswald Chambers quote


  47. TRAILS

    There are many trails we travel in life,

    some bring happiness, others bring strife,

    some have ups, some have downs,

    some through swamps, some on smooth ground,

    some in the rain, and some in the sun,

    some at a slow pace, some on the run.

    Some trails lead us into temptation,

    while others lead us in the right direction.

    Trails of this world are from birth to the grave;

    the gospel trail leads to where we may be saved.

    Dear ones, let us choose trails of happiness not strife,

    let us take the trail to eternal life.

    The trail Jesus trod before us,

    leads us to our heavenly home.

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