I am thinking about Moses

and his life;

He was born a babe,

babe to redeem his people,

from the terrible conditions.

He was raised in royalty

but his roots were slaves.

God arranged a meeting with him

at a burning bush and gave him

instructions to tell Pharaoh,

to let His people go.

After many attempts

and plagues, God’s people were dismissed.

As Moses was seen as a savior sent,

from God the Father.

Many years latter, all mankind,

were still in bondage to sin,

and GOD THE FATHER again,

sent a redeemer in the form of a babe,

this babe was HIS SON JESUS,

to live, to teach, to die on a cross,

to rise again the third day and ascend,

into Heaven,

forty days latter and because of this,

this perfect sacrifice, we are redeemed

as we accept and follow HIM.

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